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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Open Door

Lost in the treasures of life,
here I am..
looking for that world of pleasure,
lost in this hidden pressure..

I think sometimes,
that there is a better time to come..
To lift me .. there will be someone..
Other times I feel,
All these difficulties are to go..
Just have to be strong,
rejecting every no..

But then here they come,
Some new opportunities,
but with hidden questions..
I ask myself ..Are they really opportunities..??
or just other difficulties in disguise ,
should I just run away,to avoid a capsize..

so scared I am to even accept those great opportunities,
even when I know , the future holds bright,
and that there will be some light..
to show me the way through this darkness,

but am just sitting here..
looking at the time passing by..
To just hear someone tell me "you are mine"..
waiting for a hand to hold me,
those loving arms to cover me..

for someone,
who could just take away my pain...
and never ever ask me to abstain..
and fill me with the overflowing joy..
to make me feel like a new born boy..

someone who could fill me with a new hope..
and pick me from the slippery slope..
someone who could instill my lost confidence..
and fill me the wonderful patience..
Someone who will become the sight of this blind..
someone who will help me unwind..

And Then i hear this sound,
a sound .. which echos all around..
"Jim where are you.. ?? jim where are you ??"
please return and take me with you..
tears start rolling out ,
when I think about your whereabouts ..

Cant live anymore in this attire,
where I am surrounded by this fire,
which just refuses to be blown away..
which just says that this is not your way..

so many dreams , so many desires,
In my life I have always tried to portray..
But now I have to be on my own,
in the search of the passions I have always known..

Jim O Jim ..pls return,
come and repair this broken cistern..
Its time for us to be together,
if not now, then never for ever..
Its time for us to fulfill the desire..
Lets work together to blow away this surrounding fire..

am just waiting for you Jim..
lets not make it too late..
There is a pathway waiting through the gate..

I know ,there's a lot of pain..
but all of this might also gain..
Under the hood somewhere..
who knows..if all of this may be for our good..

The time has come..
to come out of the gruesome..
to help someone know..
that opportunities are nowhere to go..
that there is a door which is to be opened..
even when it seems to be heavily curtained..
but Jim..why to hide in the burrow..
just leap ahead and uncurtain the show..

here's our door Jim..
waiting for the knock..
dressed with a bell..
just to take us away from this hell..

with great opportunities the other side..
its just a waste to continue to hide..

But its too big a door.. to open it alone..
as people always say I am error prone..
thats why jim I need your help..
as its been enough..
Just want to stop this everlasting yelp..

Come on Jim..
Lets open it together..
there can be a change in the weather..

lets show the world..
that there is always a hope..
There is a someone who will always help you cope..
A someone who is behind this door..
just waiting for your knock to lift you from the floor...
And then there will be no more fear..
cuz there will always be someone near...

Jim's conscious

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  1. The pain can be written so beautifully… I didn’t know it...we all face challenges, here and there, everywhere…it is no one but “I, ME, MYSELF, US..WE” can help ourselves. God help those who help themselves. You have enough potential that u can not only help urself but others as well… u r our hero baby…hehehe