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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A chat with an Angel...

I had just returned from the office.
after having struggled with my daily chores..
entangled I was in my thoughts..
just wanted to take a break and shake the rots..

My eyes wanted to close..
with the same routine life of the 11 O clock sleep..
there was that ticking sound warning me..
and my eyes were acting to be heavy..

My heart was still thinking about "THE OPEN DOOR"..
and the someone hiding behind the door..
An how I was still so resistant to open my door for anyone..
lest someone should just enter..destroy my house and go away..

The clock showed 11..
But then my heart shouted..
why not check your mails.. ??
my mind was all excited again..
to avoid the boring routine..

Was checking my mails..
when I saw this friend of mine online..
there was a red dot before her name..
which showed she was all busy in her fame..

but then I am not a person who stops..
I just pinged her ..
to wish a good nite...
and a thanks..
for appreciating my message of "THE OPEN DOOR"..

but the chat went on and on..
with our souls reborn..
with so many blends of fun and emoticons..
there were no more of any rules and norms..

I have always liked this friend of mine..
sweet and pure she is .. like Milk and Honey..
a sweet smile which just gets on my nerves..

a charismatic character with shiny eyes...
a perfect blend of beauty with brains...
Oh how will she enjoy those rains..
which would just break all her shackles and chains..

and she will be ready again..
to allow someone to knock her door..
her lovely feelings will rise again from the floor...
so lovely she is.. that she herself never believes it..
but who in this world has ever been able to hide the truth..
lucky will be the one for whom she would open her door..

that day is not far away..
cuz it will be the most happiest moment of her life..
her silent quest will never go unanswered..
no more her thoughts get bewildered..

I feel sad that I came to know her so late..
could never get a chance to know her inmate..
would have loved to be a very good friend of hers..
helping her and sharing all her cares..

cannot boast of having done anything for her in my life..
but still I am so mesmerised by her sweetness..

If she could hear me..
just want to say to my friend..
any living human will fall in love with you..
such is the sweetness embedded in you..

I have always asked God...
God. !! why didnt you make me an angel.. ??
I would have been so lucky to be with her..
but then God replied...
the world has to be balanced my son..
it has an angel.. like your beautiful friend..
and to balance it..
it also has a devil like you..

I just smiled..and thanked god..
thinking that someday she would..  
understand this balance of life..
and forgive me for my evil behavior..
cuz its not me..but its only God to blame..
I am just a man walking by some lane..

but now she's moving ahead..
to achieve a new milestone..
leaving behind this friend ..
who is known to be error prone..

but what has ever happened to an angel..
As she is the utmost attention of the most high..
thats what just gives me a breath of sigh..

just wishing her all the success in life..
All these words just to tell her..
this devil will always miss angel.. :)

-- Jim & Jim's conscious


  1. hey jimmi..gud one dude..actually when i was reading it..i wanted more...i never wanted this(so called)poem of urs to end...the imagination is very pious..smooth..a thought towards real happiness.
    gud job.

  2. Thank you so much "Collection of Happiness" ..(vow..wat a name :) ) Your comments so inspiring..Will surely keep writing if u assurre me of ur feedback for each blog of mine.. :)
    Thanks to the angel , who filled me with those beautiful feelings..that I cud come out with this blog.. :) Thanks again..

  3. Hi Jim(as u call him):),
    Well,I won't grouse on technical aspects which we both have already broken our head over.
    but when I re read it today I really enjoyed the whole flow.
    And as I said some poems like these are flawless cause they tell a story altogether different from the blues.And its always good to hear our friends stories:)
    And you are not a devil you moron!
    And stop waking beyond 11 or I wud hit u;)
    I understand how much feedback is a motivating factor in life,but it is a vicious circle.Sometimes lack of feedback may douse your fire to write.
    Write for your own self,write for Jim and then there wud just be happiness around.
    tc dude.


  4. Hey maniac.. :) The vicious circle of life starts after 11.. This blog would have never existed , hadn't I stayed awake that night.. :) Hope that some day you will hit me. But u r too gud to do that :) Even I hope this fire to write more and more , keeps burning.. :)
    Inspired from you bro.. :)
    About the devil stuff..I am one.. :)