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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Mean Machine !!!!

It was long that I was away from home.. and time in its deception made me think of myself having grown up enough to be called an independent person..

Ooh..but was it true ? Lets have a quick recap of the facts..
I was living a life as everyone else..just running in the race of life..The track i chose to run was not even parallel to the track I always wished to run , as a majority of the human beings do..

I also had dreams and desires ..but never had the courage and guts to go after them...I was struggling and crying over my fate..But Alas..I was not doing anything to change it..

My dreams and desires were in the front pocket..But I was living life at the expenses paid from the back pocket..My dreams were like the grains which were left rotting in the rains..with no fruitfulness...

But then..God had different plans.. (Thank god..He always intervenes.. :) )

Then there was one fine day..I fell in love again.. (This time..thank god ..not with a human being !! )

I fell in love with this wild machine..It was love at first ride..I just wanted to own it..But as the saga of life continued..even this desire was stuffed into the front pocket which had almost no space left to accommodate any more..but then this was a desire which was growing stronger day by day..

It was strong enough to raise its voice at times when all the other desires were busy taking a nap..And a sight of this machine on the road , the thump of the engine used to leave my heart beating with the everlasting desire to own this bull.. But then again..the burden of life used to take over my imagination ,leaving a bump on my heart.. :(

But then there was a wind of change..I started hating myself for not trying to do anything to change my rotten fate... But one fine day.. i finally decided..that its high time to act.. i will leave the track of the common man..who lives for the sake of living..who just kills his dreams and desires.. and this was the day i decided to pursue my dreams..the dreams I had always cherished..

I knew its easy said than done.. But I had become strong enough to accept anything on the way , which could make me think again to return to the easy way of the common man..To run after my dreams was slowly and slowly becoming my passion.. life was becoming tougher but better.. Life was slowly returning to the right track...

The dreams and desires now no more laid stuffed in my pockets..but now they were living again in fresh air.. they were out of the pockets..waiting for their turn to be unleashed ..

My first action towards my revival was the purchase of the wild Mean Machine..The thundering bull.."Enfield Thunderbird".. And from that day on there has been no turning back..and I just hope there will never be a turning back again..

The thump of the bull just revives the soul in me..The turning heads..those infinite questions and words of appreciation for my decision gave me so much joy and strength..This has been the beginning of my script of a royal journey..I had never imagined that a mean machine will make such a big difference to my journey..Cuz there was nothing angelic about this wild bull..But who has ever understood the mind of the almighty.. :)

So here I am.. Getting ready to make a difference any cost.. The grains will no more rot..

This new faith in life..and this new journey to the destination..unleashes new ways day after day..And now there is no more hesitation to walk on these ways..And one of those few steps is to start touring on my bike..and there cannot be a better time to start..than immediately !!

So coming soon ..

My first tour on my mean machine.. :)

So..World O World.. be careful ..cuz Its thundering !!!!!
and it will continue to thunder harder and harderrrrr.... yeahhhhhhhh...!!

----- The Owner of the "Mean Machine"..Jim...