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Friday, February 20, 2009

Life is calling.. Where is JIM...??

Every one in this (good looking) world needs some motivation ( so called ) to do something he's never done before....

hmmm... this is my case w.r.t writing blogs. Always had the starting problem.. usually what we see with those antique "Hamara Bajaj " scooters.

Hell lot of things happening around. But here is our movie's Hero "JIM" ..lost in a world of his own.. He always thought he was in the same world as we all are in.. Until something very silly made him realize tha he was unknowingly playing a Hero in "STAR WARS"..

He works in a company. goes around with friends. All routine work everyday. Had a love life . Have a lot of good friends , who take care of him like anything . Has a lot of desires , lot of ambitions , Values and what all ... oooooh !!!!

But he always feels , something very important is mmissing in his life..and he doesn't know what it is..

You may feel who am I to know all this ?? Well I am what I am..
cuz I am his bestest best friend (as in Timon and Boooombaaaa ) ...

We stay together all days , nights and eve's ... In theaters , pubs , malls ..everywhere JIM goes to... But "JIM" doesn't like me so much . He in some way has become so used to me. He ignores me nowadays. But this day was a revival of our frienship .

"JIM" O "JIM".. wants to do so many things in his life... But .. The Buttt.. always comes in between.. His biggest enemy...Some reason or the other (dumb or wise) breaks his speed..
He's physically on earth but.. in all other aspects on some unnamed planet far away..

But... Oye..It's Friday yaar..

A very very lazy day... A friend of his dropped in from bangalore..After a long days sleep..they decide on going to "MORE..the supermarket" to get a cricket bat. (wrong Shop to go to)...

There was the reply from MORE "Cricket Bat ???? ". As if JIM had asked for a tonne of Brown Sugar.
"We do not have any of them" , they added .

JIM thought "Ok. Lets move out"..But his good friend from Bangalore , wanted to buy some eatables to carry for his midnight return journey.

"Fine" Jim told. As they started moving around , looking at evything around , from fruits to soaps to every damn thing which was sufficient for a group of 1000 people to survive for a month (if they make MORE their HOME sweet HOME).

And it was at this time , poor (is he ? ) JIM's journey to earth started . It was the fastest travel to earth one can ever imagine. But here it was..

Digit , Filmfare and ther mags lying on the shelves . And "JIM" just got reminded of the old days he used to read them , and sometimes fight with friends over those free CD's and applications . He just smiled and was amazed that he just forgot about his own favourites.

Then there were all those healthy food items for take.Looking at them JIM smiled again thinking , " Bloody.. I dont even give a damn care about what I am eating..what I am doing.. I forgot about my people..hmmm"

Slowly and slowly "JIM" started nearing the earth's surface. And there it was.. Jim finally realized that I (his friend) was there with him even now...(only the goodest of good friends continue with you in STAR WARS) .

He just looked at me an smiled. I hugged him ,loved him and welcomed him back to earth.

He asked me then , "Where the hell was I lost ?? ..What am I doing now ??? I feel I was never here.." I just kept listening to all his questions.. There were so many..

"MORE" just kept asking more and more questions to JIM... and here was JIM just waking up from his deep deep sleep after the journey t earth.. he was finding himself again.. His likes , dislikes everything getting back to his mind , as if he had a memory loss ..

Finally he woke up.. I told him about everything he had missed . The great RECESSION , Terrorism , sports .. and everything.. JIM wept and wept..Even I wept with him.. But I was happy.. that finally JIM is back... my friend is back.. He's restored again.. He knows he's a part of everything happening on earth..
And he has to do a lot for those who are still missing from earth.. he has to help bring them back...

"Thank God you are back JIM.. I love you as you are..." I told him.

I feel good that he won over so many enemies of his , who tortured him and made him a captive on some other planet.. But finally He's here again..And I will never let him go..He has started to know himself again..

Finally I just thought and smiled..

"We live..We work..But We are just getting started.... "

- JIM's Conscious


  1. Welcome to blogomania dear Jimmi...
    Your insight is really amazing.
    And yup I too believe that we are losing ourselves somewhere in the run.
    The discovery is completely left to our shoulders now.
    To catch the digit's cd's,to run for playstations,to meet up eith friends,to chat,to cry..
    Hope we catch up.Hope that I 2 have a confrontation wid ma conscience.
    Amazing piece of writing and your conscious just floored me.
    Keep the gud wrk goin pal..
    Al D Bst

  2. hey, its really amazing, I never new that u r such a good writer too.

    Love u bro. n proud of u.

    1 thing which I would like, or may be the one who is reading this should know, is that abt ur dear friend who was with u and I believe "HE" will be with u till the end of ages, but dont u think that u should reveal "HIM" to other too so even they too cn have "HIM" as their dear friend, as all r in need of som1 who cares and loves them.

    Well simply these are my thoughts only.

    However its wonderful.

    God Bless

  3. thanks a lot bro..Appreciate Ur thoughts.. everyone always needs someone who cares.. me and my friend are always available.. :)

  4. gud one dear...
    so i will have to admit in front of the whole world that u do write well...infact gud
    we really forget our likes and dislikes in this so called busy schedule of ours
    but yes finally u r out of it and hope that will give me also a will to do something worthwhile

  5. jimmi bhaiya! this is one amazing piece of writing! it really makes the reader actually think nd realize our own desires....
    keep it up....

  6. Hey Jimmi,
    I happened to bump into your blog and was amused and elated to read your blogs on various topics.
    It's really a great effort to express your thoughts through these blogs.

    I must say you are a good writer and even if one who is down will burst into laughter after reading your blogs :-)))))

    Even your cartoon visuals are very relevant , attractive and funny.

    Personally I do agree with your dear friend Solomon's comment on 25 Feb. 2009.

    Jesus Bless you for all your endeavours.

    Keep posting.

    In Christ,

    Sthuthi Rachel Joshua :-)